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GYWD for Notion Puts All Your 12 Week Year Tools in One Place  

No more shuffling papers or tabbing between apps on your computer. GYWD for Notion puts everything you need for your writing right at your fingertips.

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🛠️ Built for the 12 Week Year for Writers

Tired of trying to make generic apps fit the 12 Week Year for Writers system? Looking for a more efficient and enjoyable way to manage your writing? 

Me too. GYWD for Notion lets you manage your writing in a single digital home expressly designed for the system.

I built this template after years of using all kinds of other tools that just didn't work. Some tools were great for tasks, but had nowhere for working out my vision and goals. Some tools are great for notes, but can't help you with managing tactics and schedules.

Now, with GYWD for Notion, you have the whole 12 Week Year for Writers suite of tools in a single digital home. 

Even better, everything is seamlessly integrated, easy to update, and customizable.

Planning and Tracking Made Easy 

The heart of GYWD for Notion template is the 12 Week Plan dashboard. Predefined templates and automations make it easier than ever to set goals, assign tactics, and map out your 12 Week Plan.

With tools for managing your Daily Huddles, Weekly Reviews, keeping track of your weekly execution, and Weekly Writing Group meetings, GYWD for Notion will keep you on top of your writing.

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Get Your Writing Done for Notion


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