Get Your Writing Done

Get Your Writing Done

Hosted by: Trevor Thrall

The Get Your Writing Done podcast is hosted by Trevor Thrall, Ph.D., author of The 12 Week Year for Writers. Every week we dive deep on strategies and tools to help writers be their most productive selves.

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GYWD #28 Five Strategies for Finishing What You Start

Everywhere I look I see workshops promising to help you get a fast start to 2024. And that’s great! But here’s the thing: how many times have you or someone you know got off to a quick start on a new writing project...
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GYWD #27: Mastering the Art of Slow Progress

Do you ever hear yourself saying these sorts of things?- I don’t have enough time to write- I don’t have enough energy to keep going to the end- I am so demoralized at how slow this is going- I’m losing my enthusiasm...
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GYWD 26: Five Strategies for Finding Focus When Life Gets Crazy

Did you know that the average person spends just 47 seconds before switching from looking at one screen/window on their computer to looking at another? Or that it takes 25 minutes to regain focus after an...
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GYWD 25: Showing Up to Write (Why We Don't, How We Can)

Have you ever had one of those periods where you just couldn’t write consistently? Maybe your schedule was too chaotic. Maybe you got super busy at work. Or maybe you found yourself looking at the clock and seeing it...
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GYWD #24: Aligning Your Writer Rhythms with Writing Reality

Did you ever have a writing project where everything just clicked? I mean, from the beginning when you had the idea to the finished product, everything just went great, and quickly? And on the other hand, did you ever...
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GYWD 23: Tools of the Trade with Scrivener for Dummies Author Gwen Hernandez

Episode #23

If you write fiction (and even if you don't), my guess is that you use, have used, or are thinking about using Scrivener, one of the most popular writing apps on the planet. If you are thinking about it, or need some...
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GYWD 22: Tools of the Trade with Plottr Founders Cameron Sutter and Ryan Zee

Episode #22

Welcome to the Get Your Writing Done podcast, I’m Trevor Thrall, author of The 12 Week Year for Writers. If you enjoy today’s episode, please submit a review wherever you get your podcasts. And for weekly updates on...
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GYWD 21: How the Growth Mindset Can Unlock Your Writing Potential

Episode #21

Are great writers born or made? Is your productivity level something fixed, or can you become a more productive person over time? If you haven’t written a book by age 30, will you ever? Do rejections mean you’re a...
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GYWD 20: Optimizing Epiphanies: Three Steps to Launching Successful Writing Projects

It’s a new year and for many of us that means it’s time to launch ambitious new writing projects. And that’s great, because the world needs more of what you’re doing. But it turns out that the launch phase is fraught...
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GYWD 19: The 13th Week and 2021 in Review

Episode #19

If you aren’t a 12 Week Year follower, you might be surprised to learn that a key element of the 12 Week Year system is, in fact, a 13th week. The 13th week is dedicated to assessing the previous 12 so that you can...
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GYWD 18: Why Do You Write?

Episode #18

Let me ask you a simple question: Why do you write?This question - so simple and unassuming and yet so profound - is the starting point for our conversation about motivation. We all have good days and bad days. I’m...
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GYWD 17: Building Resilience, with Susan Scott

Episode #17

Today I sit down with Susan Scott, counselor, leadership coach, author, and founder of Life Inspired, Inc., a company that provides life design and coaching for leaders and life coaches.Our topic today is resilience....
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