GYWD 21: How the Growth Mindset Can Unlock Your Writing Potential

Episode #21

Are great writers born or made? Is your productivity level something fixed, or can you become a more productive person over time? If you haven’t written a book by age 30, will you ever? Do rejections mean you’re a failure?

In this podcast we take another look at the writer’s mindset. Our focus today is the importance of a growth mindset. Research shows that adopting a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset, plays a huge role in how people live their lives. Thanks to its impact on learning, challenge seeking, and motivation, adopting a growth mindset leads to greater happiness and life satisfaction, as well as to greater achievement.

In this episode I start by sharing a personal lesson about growth that took me over twenty years to talk about in public. Then I outline the differences between growth and fixed mindsets, talk about why the growth mindset is so crucial for writers, and walk through five strategies for growing your growth mindset.

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