GYWD 17: Building Resilience, with Susan Scott

Episode #17

Today I sit down with Susan Scott, counselor, leadership coach, author, and founder of Life Inspired, Inc., a company that provides life design and coaching for leaders and life coaches.

Our topic today is resilience. As I discuss in the 12WY for Writers, resilience is a critical element of the writer’s mindset. Every writer - no matter the type or genre, has to deal with rejections, criticism, false starts, and negative reviews that all writers. Without resilience - an ability to confront the tough parts and keep going - it’s hard to imagine making a go of things as a writer. But it’s far easier to tell folks to “be resilient” than to understand exactly what that means. In our conversation today, Susan explains what resilience really is and outlines a set of steps we can all use to build greater resilience.

Susan Scott, Life Inspired, Inc
Larry Crabb, Understanding People
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