GYWD 14: Why I Love My Weekly Writing Group

Episode #14

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What if there were a tool that would simultaneously help you be more accountable, give you inspiration and support, give you feedback on your writing, and provide structure to your writing routine? What an amazing tool that would be. Whoever invented it would surely be a zillionaire. But it sounds way too good to be true. Or does it?

In fact, there is absolutely such a tool out there. It really does exist. And it’s called the Weekly Writing Group. Without question, this humble tool is responsible for more productivity, more companionship, and more great writing than any other thing I can think of. Unfortunately, many writers have yet to embrace the weekly writing group.

In today’s episode I’ll talk about the many reasons I love the weekly writing group and how you can start a group of your own.

Trevor's Coach-Led Weekly Writing Group
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