GYWD 12: Tools of the Trade, with Max Seeleman from Ulysses

Episode #12

Writers are a particular bunch. We like to have things just right when we get down to business. Some of us have trouble getting anything done if things aren’t just right. For me, writing is easier when I love my set up and have my favorite tools close to hand.

I’ll admit it: I’m fussy. I have a favorite pen, a favorite journal, a favorite computer, and a favorite writing app, just for starters. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many hours experimenting with all the different tools out there looking for ways to make your writing even easier, even more enjoyable. If I haven’t tried a writing-related tool yet, it’s probably just because I haven’t heard of it.

Given my obsessions, one of my goals with this podcast is to talk with the folks who make the tools of the trade. Today I’m chatting with Max Seeleman, Executive Director of Ulysses, my favorite writing app. I used Ulysses to write my book, and I certainly recommend giving it a go if you’re not thrilled with your current writing app. In this episode we talk about how Ulysses was born, how it has evolved with input from writers, and the future of online writing.

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