GYWD 10: How I Write, with Sports Writer Brendan Quinn

Episode #10

I’m a big sports fan. I’m also a news junkie. At the intersection of those two things is sports writing. Ever since I was a kid I’ve devoured the sports page before reading anything else in the news. Over time I’ve come to believe that sports is just another lens for understanding ourselves. And that means that we can learn a lot about the world from sports writers. We can also learn a lot from them about great writing.

Today, I’m excited to have a phenomenal sports writer join me on the pod to talk about writing. Brendan Quinn covers college basketball and golf for The Athletic. Originally from Philadelphia, Brendan has spent the last ten years or so covering Michigan and Michigan State basketball. And that means I have spent the same amount of time enjoying his work. He writes some of the best feature stories you will ever read and when you listen to our conversation, you’ll understand why.

Brendan Quinn @ The Athletic
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