GYWD 6: How Two Non-Writers Wrote a New York Times Bestseller

Episode #6

Have you ever thought about writing a book but weren’t sure you could? Or should? Today’s episode tells the story of what happened when two guys who don’t think of themselves as writers decide to write a book? Today I interview my good friend Michael Lennington, co-creator of The 12 Week Year system and co-author with Brian Moran of the New York Times bestselling book, The 12 Week Year.

You’ll hear Mike talk about how he and Brian came up with the idea to write The 12 Week Year and about what an amazing impact it had on their business. You’ll also hear the surprising story of how much harder it was for them to write their new book than they thought it would be. Along the way, Mike drops a lot of wisdom and insight about the many challenges writers face.

The 12 Week Year