GYWD 25: Showing Up to Write (Why We Don't, How We Can)

Have you ever had one of those periods where you just couldn’t write consistently? Maybe your schedule was too chaotic. Maybe you got super busy at work. Or maybe you found yourself looking at the clock and seeing it was time to write but you wound up finding something else to do? Maybe you were going great guns but then went on vacation and when you came back you found that your momentum was gone and you never got back on track? Or maybe you made plans to get to work early every morning and write for an hour before work but after a couple days you stopped and didn’t start again? If any of these sound familiar, do not feel bad! We have all had trouble showing up. In fact, I think being consistent and building a writing routine that sticks is one of the single biggest challenges facing a lot of writers, especially a routine that can stand the challenges and turbulence of daily living. So today’s episode is all about showing up: why we don’t and what we can do about it. By the end of the show, you’ll have strategies for writing consistently.